21st Century Print.
Three Key points.


Printed Products
We supply any print for any purpose to organisations and to people in the Midlands and all over the UK. We can provide instant pricing for most jobs where print ready artwork will be supplied. There is nothing printed that we cannot supply.


Print Management
We offer print management services to small and medium sized businesses as well as larger organisations. We will help you reduce your expenditure on print and make it as effective as possible.


Multi-Channel Marketing
We can help you effectively integrate print into your digital marketing campaigns. We are not afraid to tell our clients to print less if we can see that is the best course for them.


Please find a link here to a very heartfelt testimonial from one of our clients that very generously expresses her view of the service provided by one of our principals.

When I moved to the Midlands last year I was looking for a printer to do some training manuals for me...

and I found 21st Century Print Ltd. Since then I have used them numerous times for a variety of work. I give them full marks for great quality of work, speed of service and pricing. No need to look elsewhere, I can really trust them to do a great job."
John Taylor
Tricordant Ltd

I just wanted to say that the materials arrived and were great... just what I needed.

Thanks for helping me and at relatively short notice. I will happily recommend your company to others and hopefully, when I secure a similar piece of work, return to you for support."
Clarion Consulting

Thank you again for everything that you have done for us, we are really really pleased, you’ve done an exceptional job and I will certainly recommend you."

Tracey Higgins

Tony produces superb printing to a time he promises and at a price offering excellent value.

I asked Tony to produce two different cards for a new venture, to a tight timescale for important client and supplier meetings. The job was delivered in time, despite the tight deadlines and to an excellent standard.

Thanks Tony - your work is excellent and your service is designed to please."
Andy Murdy
Explorator Consulting

Your service has been second to none. I will pass your details on to my friends."

Margaret McFerran

Just wanted to say how grateful we are at the service books you've done for us...

they are beautiful and most thankful for the two laminated keepsakes ones they where so very much appreciated and we couldn't be prouder at what you've done for us as a family at this difficult time."
Sally Jayne

Golding Young have been loyal partners for over a decade due to the excellent service provided and of course being competitive in a tightly priced market."

Golding Young Limited

On behalf of Potteries Mechanical Services Limited we are happy to promote 21st Century Print Ltd who have provided us with excellent service including quality, design and printing. We have no hesitation in recommending 21st Century Print Ltd for all of your printing requirements."
Susan Powell
Potteries Mechanical Services Ltd

Our Company have used 21st Century Print for some time now, our general day to day printing requirements have been handled with care and attention.

Just recently I was tasked with some bespoke requirements, Tony and his design team set to it and within no time I was reviewing designs and receiving samples to review. The outcome was fantastic, we couldn’t be happier."
Amy T

21st Century Print have supplied our printed materials for the last five years.

They have always provided efficient, friendly service – but more than that, on several occasions have gone out of their way to ensure we receive the items we need at very short notice. Tony and Carol go above and beyond for their customers."
Sue Soley
Academy for Chief Executives

We act for a large portfolio of clients in dealing with their company secretarial and corporate legal compliance requirements which requires us to send circulars to shareholders, notices, accounts etc on their behalf.

We have used the services of 21st Century Print Limited for several years to deal with the printing and despatch of documents and throughout that time we have found them to be consistently efficient, reliable, and accurate even when completing tasks given at very short notice. In short, an outstanding level of service.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend them.

Tim Hughes, Senior Manager
Equiniti David Venus Limited

21st Century Print have been fantastic once again.

Never fail to deliver a fantastic printed product, great quality, superb service and at a great price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them (again) to anyone. I’ve been buying print for over 20 years and it’s always refreshing to work with great people like Carol and Tony."
David Bamber, Creative Director
Cake Agency

Highly recommended! Printed perfectly and delivered quickly."

Clare Williams

Thanks Carol, that is fantastic service!"

Gary Dunne
Classic Car Auctions

21st Century Print are a very experienced printing company who are extremely helpful,

every order we have placed has been of excellent quality and has been delivered on time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Hayley Young
Salamander Fire & Security Ltd

I just wanted to say that I received the Order of Service parcel first thing Friday morning.

What a fabulous job, and everything was done so quickly, but to perfection!

Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.


Tony & Carol

The booklets have arrived and they are stunning. Thank you so much once again for such excellent service, excellent product & excellent advice (you were right about the floral background Tony!).

Can't thank you enough! Sorry you are no longer in Coventry, would have loved to thank you both personally.


Tony & Carol

Just a line to thank you for the prompt printing and delivery of the magazine. That turnaround was impressive with delivery yesterday!

Holbrooks Evangelical Church

21st Century print were really great to work with.

They remembered our last order from a year ago and gave us great customer service. The printed materials were of great quality and they also met our delivery needs in Birmingham and London all for a brilliant price! Thank you Carol and all of the team for an easy and quick service. We will definitely be return customers!"

Daisy-May Super, Project Co-ordinator Talking Together




Why Use A Print Management Company?

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Using a print management company can save you time, save you money and help you get a better ROI from your catalogues. The term ‘print management’ can mean different things in some sectors, so it is worth looking at what we mean by the phrase in this case – before exploring the main benefits of the service.

What Makes An Effective Catalogue?

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Catalogues are still a major sales tool for many sectors even in this digital age. Just ask Argos why they go to the bother of printing millions of their very thick expensive catalogues, or any auction house, wholesaler, supermarket chain and many more. Having said that, every business wants to ensure that they get full value for their design and print spend through producing an effective catalogue that sells. This is why they engage professionals with the specific skills and know-how to convert images and words on the catalogue pages into an irresistible “buy me” message in the mind of the consumer.

How Often Should You Change Catalogue Designer?

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Many businesses design their catalogues in house while others prefer to use a third party for some or all of the process. This may simply be for extra assistance with graphics, copywriting or editing – or it may be an end-to-end design service. If you use a catalogue design company, how can you be sure you are getting the best value service, and when should you consider shopping around for another provider?

Printing and the Nature of Reality

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I am a print veteran… have worked in the print industry since I started full time work in 1976, with just a couple of years doing something else in the mid-nineties, which led me back to the printing industry.

Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the first printing press is arguably the most important invention in human history as it made the communication of ideas and information on a large scale possible. Without printing there would have been no Renaissance, no industrial revolution, no widespread education and no Democracy. As Howard Rheingold said "The printing press simply unlocked literacy"

In many ways the Internet can be seen as the printing press of the technology age, and it provides quicker, cheaper and easier access to ideas and information than the printing press ever could. It comes with far more inherent dangers because of that but however serious those dangers, we must resist government censorship, or ultimately this will lead to the end of Democracy.

This article is titled “Printing and the Nature of Reality” What am I getting at? Whilst I have always liked the Lennon / McCartney 'definition' from "Strawberry Fields" — "Nothing is real", I am splitting Reality into two sections, with apologies to philosophers and scientists who I am sure would be able to challenge my probably over-simplified definitions.

1) The physical World
2) The interior World of ideas, emotions, information, thought, consciousness, imagination

A book exists in the physical world, you can touch it, feel it, smell it and see it. It provides a window into the interior world. An e-book does very much the same thing and it also exists in the physical world, but engages fewer of our senses. I contend that as a result its window to the interior world is less transparent. The fact is people prefer to read books than e-books, despite the fact they are more expensive and in many ways less convenient. As many of our lives are increasingly spent in front of screens, the way print manages to engage us is probably because of its clear existence in the physical world. Strawberry Fields could be rewritten "Nothing is real—except for printing maybe"

There is no doubt, however, that the Internet is here to stay and will evolve. Printing is no longer the main conduit between the physical world and the interior world, but there is another big change going on. 3D printing is correctly defined as a printing technique but its purpose is to make things for the material world, and it is developing at a rate of knots. The person recognised as the father of 3D printing, the American Chuck Hull was eighty in May. He is the Gutenberg of our time.

Printing—for centuries it was the main way to express ideas and provide information—the link between the material and the interior worlds. It is no longer the most widely used method, but it remains the most effective, and it has now evolved into being a way to create useful objects for the material world itself.

I love my industry and am a Proud Printer. Strawberry Fields should be rewritten "Printing is real"

Telling the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

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In 2010 my 25 year old son James died in the custody of Avon and Somerset Police. He had been detained under Section 136b of the Mental Health Act. There has been significant online coverage over the years, and the purpose of this article is not to tell that story but to explain how and why my experiences since then have had a profound effect on the way I see the world and how my values have shifted and how that has affected 21st Century Print’s relationships with its clients and suppliers. If you are interested in James’s story, this link is his family’s statement after his inquest in 2013.

James's death was a terrible and painful shock. What I (and the rest of James's family and friends) needed was answers- the truth and a commitment from those involved from his death that they would learn from what happened and make changes to prevent it happening again. In fact, we received a lot of corporate double-speak, feigned compassion and a State determined to avoid its agents being held accountable. This added deep insult to grievous injury. Here is an example of what I mean.

"We promise you a transparent investigation into James’s death. No stone will be left unturned and if any of our police officers were responsible they will be held to account" really means “Your son’s death is very sad but we really don’t want to have to deal with it and we will close ranks to make sure that the ball of truth gets kicked firmly into the long grass”.

Our campaigning work around James’s death is particularly relevant in this "Mental Health Awareness Week" but that is not the subject of this blog.

Evading the truth, spin, double-speak all get in the way of integrity and honesty. At 21st Century Print we don’t do that stuff. Ever. We are a print management company, and we have a lot of experience and we work incredibly hard in giving our clients the best possible service and value. If we can’t add value (and 99% of the time we can), we walk away.

When on the rare occasions something goes wrong, or we have difficult news for a client, we speak the truth and of course we tell our client about our proposed remedy. The client has trusted us with their printed communication and we are to be trusted. I am lucky that my business partner Carol has the same values. We sometimes advise a client against having something printed, if we do not believe that it is going to give the benefit intended. Making a profit is important to us but only in a way that does not clash with these values.

Perhaps, people in all walks of life could be more honest if we lived in a less litigious world, where people are too scared of being sued to be candid, especially when the stakes are high. I have never understood why insurance companies tell you never to admit liability in a road traffic accident for example. I can only say that telling the truth rarely really shames the devil, and if somebody cannot comment because of legal ramifications, then say nothing rather than tell a lie. In American terms, plead the Fifth Amendment.

This is an extremely serious first blog on our web page. I miss James very much and every day, but in some very peculiar ways, his death and its aftermath have given me a renewed sense of purpose and changed my values in a positive way. I wish he was still with us though. I always will.

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