21st Century Print.
Three Key points.


Printed Products
We supply any print for any purpose to organisations and to people in the Midlands and all over the UK. We can provide instant pricing for most jobs where print ready artwork will be supplied. There is nothing printed that we cannot supply.


Print Management
We offer print management services to small and medium sized businesses as well as larger organisations. We will help you reduce your expenditure on print and make it as effective as possible.


Multi-Channel Marketing
We can help you effectively integrate print into your digital marketing campaigns. We are not afraid to tell our clients to print less if we can see that is the best course for them.


Please find a link here to a very heartfelt testimonial from one of our clients that very generously expresses her view of the service provided by one of our principals.

When I moved to the Midlands last year I was looking for a printer to do some training manuals for me...

and I found 21st Century Print Ltd. Since then I have used them numerous times for a variety of work. I give them full marks for great quality of work, speed of service and pricing. No need to look elsewhere, I can really trust them to do a great job."
John Taylor
Tricordant Ltd

I just wanted to say that the materials arrived and were great... just what I needed.

Thanks for helping me and at relatively short notice. I will happily recommend your company to others and hopefully, when I secure a similar piece of work, return to you for support."
Clarion Consulting

Thank you again for everything that you have done for us, we are really really pleased, you’ve done an exceptional job and I will certainly recommend you."

Tracey Higgins

Tony produces superb printing to a time he promises and at a price offering excellent value.

I asked Tony to produce two different cards for a new venture, to a tight timescale for important client and supplier meetings. The job was delivered in time, despite the tight deadlines and to an excellent standard.

Thanks Tony - your work is excellent and your service is designed to please."
Andy Murdy
Explorator Consulting

Your service has been second to none. I will pass your details on to my friends."

Margaret McFerran

Just wanted to say how grateful we are at the service books you've done for us...

they are beautiful and most thankful for the two laminated keepsakes ones they where so very much appreciated and we couldn't be prouder at what you've done for us as a family at this difficult time."
Sally Jayne

Golding Young have been loyal partners for over a decade due to the excellent service provided and of course being competitive in a tightly priced market."

Golding Young Limited

On behalf of Potteries Mechanical Services Limited we are happy to promote 21st Century Print Ltd who have provided us with excellent service including quality, design and printing. We have no hesitation in recommending 21st Century Print Ltd for all of your printing requirements."
Susan Powell
Potteries Mechanical Services Ltd

Our Company have used 21st Century Print for some time now, our general day to day printing requirements have been handled with care and attention.

Just recently I was tasked with some bespoke requirements, Tony and his design team set to it and within no time I was reviewing designs and receiving samples to review. The outcome was fantastic, we couldn’t be happier."
Amy T

21st Century Print have supplied our printed materials for the last five years.

They have always provided efficient, friendly service – but more than that, on several occasions have gone out of their way to ensure we receive the items we need at very short notice. Tony and Carol go above and beyond for their customers."
Sue Soley
Academy for Chief Executives

We act for a large portfolio of clients in dealing with their company secretarial and corporate legal compliance requirements which requires us to send circulars to shareholders, notices, accounts etc on their behalf.

We have used the services of 21st Century Print Limited for several years to deal with the printing and despatch of documents and throughout that time we have found them to be consistently efficient, reliable, and accurate even when completing tasks given at very short notice. In short, an outstanding level of service.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend them.

Tim Hughes, Senior Manager
Equiniti David Venus Limited

21st Century Print have been fantastic once again.

Never fail to deliver a fantastic printed product, great quality, superb service and at a great price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them (again) to anyone. I’ve been buying print for over 20 years and it’s always refreshing to work with great people like Carol and Tony."
David Bamber, Creative Director
Cake Agency

Highly recommended! Printed perfectly and delivered quickly."

Clare Williams

Thanks Carol, that is fantastic service!"

Gary Dunne
Classic Car Auctions

21st Century Print are a very experienced printing company who are extremely helpful,

every order we have placed has been of excellent quality and has been delivered on time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Hayley Young
Salamander Fire & Security Ltd

I just wanted to say that I received the Order of Service parcel first thing Friday morning.

What a fabulous job, and everything was done so quickly, but to perfection!

Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.


Tony & Carol

The booklets have arrived and they are stunning. Thank you so much once again for such excellent service, excellent product & excellent advice (you were right about the floral background Tony!).

Can't thank you enough! Sorry you are no longer in Coventry, would have loved to thank you both personally.


Tony & Carol

Just a line to thank you for the prompt printing and delivery of the magazine. That turnaround was impressive with delivery yesterday!

Holbrooks Evangelical Church

21st Century print were really great to work with.

They remembered our last order from a year ago and gave us great customer service. The printed materials were of great quality and they also met our delivery needs in Birmingham and London all for a brilliant price! Thank you Carol and all of the team for an easy and quick service. We will definitely be return customers!"

Daisy-May Super, Project Co-ordinator Talking Together




The importance of funeral Orders of Service

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Written by Lexi Goodland

A funeral order of service is quite simply a booklet that provides a chronological itinerary or schedule of the ceremony taking place. Upon arriving, mourners will be given this booklet to help guide them through the funeral proceedings, and it can also be sent out to those who are unable to attend. In this sense, an Order of Service is an important tool for outlining to attendees what is to come. Formal usage aside, an Order of Service is now actually becoming something significantly more than just a programme of events; it is a physical representation of a loved one lost, a sentiment to that person, and a lasting memory of their life.

Until about 20 years ago, the inclusion of a hardcopy Order of Service at a funeral was quite rare – without the technological aids we have today, there simply was not enough time to produce something of good quality that was fitting for the event. It was only when digital printing began to emerge that creating an Order of Service became possible. The simplicity of these documents was prevalent at the beginning, often literally the order of events and maybe a photo or two as well. Since their gradual increase in use, they have now become a very popular addition at funerals, an almost omnipresent feature. As afore mentioned, the main objective was to guide attendees through the service, but perhaps now we are seeing funerals trying to get the essence of the person into the service through this booklet.

Even with the digital advancements we have seen, the biggest barrier that presents itself, still, is time. There are approximately 2 to 3 weeks between the date of passing and the funeral in which the family of the deceased must make their arrangements. Amongst the various, and most likely lengthy, legal and formal duties is the organisation of the funeral, and with so much to do in so little time, the Order of Service can often be forgotten or left until the last minute. There is a real problem then in producing a high quality programme that truly does the person enough justice.

At 21st Century Print, the barrier of time and quality can be overcome. Funeral directors working with families to create a bespoke Order of Service can benefit from the services offered at 21st Century. With a host of regularly updated layouts and backgrounds, a desired template can be selected and structured to your specifications, with any material you wish to be included, such as hymns, songs, poems, readings and photographs, all laid out in a beautiful format. If you are still pressed for time, this process can be done for you by the team at 21st Century Print. From something short, simple and elegant, to a more extravagant, very unique and specific style, your Order of Service can act as a true statement and celebration of your loved one.

In such a difficult time, the importance of an Order of Service on an emotional level should not be overlooked. Something as small as this can allow you to create a unique commemoration of someone’s life, and may even offer you, your family and your friends something to remember the person you lost with, even after you have said goodbye.

Time to start thinking about the C word

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Christmas, that is.

Businesses benefit from the festive season. It’s a remarkable opportunity to keep in touch, make sales, say thank you and celebrate the year’s achievements. And it only happens once a year.

Do you have a plan? Have you thought about it? If not, now’s the time!

Whether you’re someone who starts counting sleeps in January and wondering how long it is until you can watch Elf and the Muppets Christmas Carol guilt-free, or whether you’re, like me, in denial for as long as possible, avoiding Christmas music and adverts, and refusing to shop or put a tree up until Christmas Eve.

Either way, professionally-speaking, it is a case of ‘who snoozes loses’. Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are some of our snazziest ideas for wowing your customers, partners and colleagues this Christmas.

enter image description here

Bring your personality

Off the shelf Christmas cards miss out on the chance to promote your business and brand, so always go bespoke and make it personal. Whether it’s humourous, elegant, creative, friendly, approachable, quirky or playful, don’t forget to use your brand’s colours or logo where possible, and link the imagery to your product or service.

enter image description here

Stand out from the crowd

Christmas is a rich opportunity, so everyone’s on the same band wagon. There is lots of noise. Make sure your message gets noticed.

enter image description here

Make time to prepare

It’s a sneaky time of year, one that always seems to arrive faster than expected. Don’t let it be an after-thought, make time to get your cards and gifts sooner rather than later.

enter image description here

Get the whole team involved

Dress up, have fun and make a comic Christmas card. Here are two very silly ideas:

• Great for a noisy sales team: A card with ‘Silent Night’ written at the bottom with a picture of the team wearing Christmas hats, tangled up together with fairy lights and a strip of red gaffa tape over each of their mouths.

• Dress up as funny snowmen and women by wrapping team members in loo roll, like mummies, and then finishing off the effect with a scarf, buttons and woolly hat.

enter image description here

Demonstrate your social conscience

Ask Ebeneezer Scrooge, he learnt the hard way, Christmas is a time for being charitable and sharing. Show your caring side by choosing a card where a tree is planted or a donation is made to charity.

enter image description here

Express genuine gratitude

One straightforward way to stand out is to make your message meaningful. Say something real and heartfelt and people will listen. If it’s been an honour and a pleasure to work together, why not say so?

enter image description here

Think outside the rectangle

Drop the right angles and design a cut-out card. It could be in the shape of a Christmas tree or a threaded snowflake, wreath or diamond to dangle on a tree.

There’s no time like the present. 21st Century Print provides design, print and distribution, so take inspiration and get started right away.

Sending shop-bought cards is always an option but, if you ask us, it’s a wasted opportunity. You’re about to contact all of the people who make it possible for you to be in business, it’s worth making it count.

For your bespoke corporate Christmas cards, contact us or call us on 0845 3893860 today.

How to feel the sunshine when you’re stuck at your desk

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Forget Christmas, in fact summer is the most magical time of the year. We’re brighter, more energetic, there are holidays to enjoy, and barbecues, the kids are gleeful and wild, nights are light and the sea is warm. It’s bliss!

That is, unless you’re stuck in the office, sweating and gazing longingly out of the window glooming over what fun other people are having.

So, let’s be proactive. How can we bring the summer feeling into our offices and our work?

1. Bring the outside inside:

A couple of well-placed houseplants, a succulent or terrarium on your desk can bring about tranquility, cleaner air and a connection to the outdoors.

2. Treat yourself to some summer tunes:

Whether you like Bob Marley or the Beach Boys, Jazzy Jeff or Beyonce, an hour nodding along to your favourite summer songs is certain to lift your spirits. Drowning out office chatter can sometimes help focus and productivity too.

3. Have an ice cream:

Nothing says summer like an ice cream. Stroll around the nearest park with a cone and let your taste buds foster holiday vibes.

4. Make the most of summer nights:

Even if you get in at six or seven in the evening, there are still several hours of warmth and daylight ahead. Save flopping out in front of the TV for wintertime and lounge in the garden or head out for a walk.

5. Brighten up your workspace:

A little bit of colour goes a long way; think deck chair primaries or beach hut pastel shades. You could hang a poster by your desk or even install a desktop aquarium.

6. Go outside each and every day:

Don’t let a day go past without spending twenty minutes outdoors. It will help with your mood and vitamin D levels too. Feeling brighter is bound to improve work.

7. Put ice lollies in the office freezer:

Ok, it might sound childish but if you’re feeling frustrated, overly hot and wishing to be elsewhere, a little ice lolly break might be just the refresher you need. For those who are creative or want something healthier, make your own with frozen smoothies.

8. Break out of routine:

They say a change is as good as a rest. Well, maybe you could cycle or walk to work while it’s sunny or, if driving’s your only choice, take the scenic route in to the office?

9. Instigate something sporty:

Head over to the nearest park or recreation grounds for a game of Frisbee, giant Jenga, croquet or an inter-departmental rounders match.

10. Take advantage of 21st Century Print’s Summer Special Offer

Yes! Take me straight over to see what I can get.

Ok, it’s not going to change the fact that you’re in the office but it is sure to save you a few pennies and get a job seriously well done. And, that feels good! Summer also feels good, so that must mean summer and our Summer Special Offer are basically the same thing!

There’s plenty of summer ahead. We hope you most thoroughly enjoy it!

Why choose a local print company?

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Most things can be done remotely these days; the weekly shop, board meetings, checking if your dog's ok, turning the lights out or switching the heating off, seeing who’s outside the front door, and even watering the plants.

Maybe you too get that back-to-the-future feeling when you ask “Siri, what’s the weather going to be like today?” and hear the robotic voice answer with the latest forecast.

More and more people are doing their jobs from the comfort of their own homes too.

In some ways 21st Century Print fits into this world with ease. Print services can be produced from afar. Call or message with the details of your project, receive an email quotation, upload your artwork and take delivery by post. Whether you’re just down the road or in the Outer Hebrides, you’ll receive the same excellent customer service that we pride ourselves on.

All said, we do think local matters. We’re based just on the edge of Redditch, right on the borders of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Birmingham, Worcester, Coventry and Wolverhampton are all on the doorstep. As Midlanders, we’re proud to be part of a region steeped in rich heritage and historical significance.

With the rising prevalence of huge online printers, we thought it useful to answer the question of “What are the benefits to choosing a local print company?”

Here are 10 quick reasons for selecting a local printer:

1. Flexibility to cater to your precise needs, rather than offer a standardised package with mass appeal.

2. Faster turnaround; there aren’t thousands of orders to process so we can prioritise and speed things up when required.

3. Readily available customer support on the end of a phone, by computer or in person, from a real live person who can help fathom out your requirements.

4. Avoid costly errors with each print job carefully looked over by one of our team, all of whom have broad print industry knowledge and experience.

5. Transparent, competitive pricing, without impractically high minimum orders, shipping costs that are revealed at the end of the booking process, or banded quantities that don’t fit your project.

6. Ability to offer print audits, management, print-digital integration and consultancy; all of the things that you need a skilled, experienced human for.

7. Helpful regional knowledge about customer demographics, local geography and culture.

8. Access to our trusted network of professionals, such as graphic designers, copywriters, media experts and storage facilities.

9. Cut out shipping fees altogether with the option to go old school and drop in to collect your order or have us drop it off at your offices.

10. Support your local economy and contribute to your community by buying local, stimulating employment and encouraging corporate social responsibility.

We love our tagline ‘Actual in a Virtual World’ it says so much, both about the value of print and the way we do business. Buying from the printer down the road means buying from a person who will get to know you and your needs, and then do their absolute best to ensure you’re satisfied. This is too few and far between in the online business world.

What does it mean to be a family printing company in the Midlands?

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With around 88% of UK businesses family owned, the sector generates more than £149 billion a year in tax; more than the entire annual NHS budget. Current thinking says that family businesses take a longer view into the future, exemplify personal values, have a more sustainable outlook and pay greater attention to their legacy.

The Institute of Family Business (IFB) describes family businesses as “The backbone of the economy, the bedrock of the community.”

South Birmingham family business, 21st Century Print, is no different. Talk to Tony Herbert, the company director, and he’s passionate about responsibility, community, honesty and corporate citizenship. Tony spent his formative years working with his father, Tony Herbert Sr., who he describes as his mentor. Listening to a bit of Tony Sr.’s story, I was impressed by how he managed to combine innovation with business sense and social conscience.

In the 1960’s when Tony Sr. was in his thirties, he invented a device that made life easier for small businesses. At the time price-marking machines used in shops cost around £60 to buy, comparable to £600 in today’s money. Slightly ironically, this price tag was out of reach for the small, independent retailer.

Tony Sr. created a handheld price-marker that was simpler to manufacture and therefore inexpensive too. It retailed at 99 shillings and sixpence, almost £5, which was similar to £50 today. Although he was working for a print labeling company, the board turned down his idea and that was all the persuasion Tony Sr. needed to go solo and set up his own business.

Further down the line, having graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in English Literature, ‘Young Tony’, as he was known, agreed to help out in the family business.

“It’s funny,” says Tony, “My father was well-known in the industry so some people still call me ‘Young Tony’ to this day. And quite often now I’m the oldest person in the room!”

Benefitting from a good education and having achieved professional successes, Tony sees it as his responsibility to do what he can to give something positive back in life. When not running 21st Century Print, he’s a staunch campaigner for people with mental health issues, better policing and the safety of vulnerable people. He even sits on an independent advice group that works with the Metropolitan Police.

Community focus isn’t something that remains external to daily operations either. Tony recognises his role as a local business, predominantly serving Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, is to support the local economy and play a beneficial role in the community. For example, when choosing a new supplier for 21st Century Print’s new office blinds he specifically chose a manufacturer based in Birmingham.

Hailing originally from Greater London, Tony hasn’t quite managed to swap the claret and blue of West Ham for a Villa strip. He is firmly rooted in the region now though, having lived in both Coventry and Redditch over the decades. He even met his wife whilst working as the M.D. of a print management company in Knowle. Staying true to the family ethos, Tony’s wife, Chris, is also part of the 21st Century Print team.

It is a different environment to corporate, privately owned businesses. Although they may have the capacity to shout louder about their philanthropic activities, there is a lot of corporate hand-wringing and they often don’t practice what they preach.

“Living life in a family business,” Tony says “there is an overarching necessity to put bread on the table. We survive and thrive by having a good reputation, on nurturing great relationships, having a sustainable outlook, and by taking a wider perspective.

As South Birmingham’s local, family printing company, 21st Century Print will say clearly what we can do and then do exactly what we say. That’s how our customers know they are in safe hands. It’s simple really.”

The Seven Wonders of Print

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The Seven Wonders of Print

Let us take you on a journey. Look past the office furniture and instant coffee. Step away from the photocopier and yawnful meeting you wish you could avoid.

Take your mind to far-flung horizons, to pastel sunrises and crumbling ruins. Let yourself drift into times gone by; times of empires, and emperors, and tribal struggles, and superstition.

OK, now you’re in the right place. Let us introduce you to the Seven Wonders of Print. And, as we’re feeling fun and playful now that spring is here, we’ve included a cheeky little special offer at the end for you to enjoy.

First stop, the Hidden Kingdom of Possibilities

Many years ago the 21st Century Print dynasty created a print company that could provide any kind of print for any purpose. So, whether you are looking for a loincloth emblazoned with your clan’s crest or signage to prop up outside the catacombs, there is no job too big or small.

Next is the Magnificent Bridge of Brokerage

Print brokerage enables 21st Century Print to leverage longstanding relationships and ensure you receive the very best option for your project. That’s the best prices, most appropriate technology and fastest speed of delivery. You’ll never have to trawl for quotes again.

If you look out of your window ahead, you’ll make out the

Great Colossus of Consultancy

The dominion of 21st Century Print has more than seven decades of combined experience and expertise. Engage them as consultants and they’ll audit your print communication to find the most suitable medium and message, reducing print costs by an average of 20%.

Up ahead now is the

Astonishing Pyramid of Packages

See all those packages carefully laid out in a pyramid? They are for people who need a whole host of branded material all in one go. Whether for a startup, product launch or exhibition, these flexible packages ensure consistency, and save time and money.

Turn your eyes to the right and here is the

Monolith of Multi-Channel

Enter an era where print does not work alone. Success is based on the integration of digital and print. We consider the format most appropriate for the message and make digital and print work together. 21st Century Print focus on being specialists in communication as a whole, never printing for print’s own sake.

It’s our penultimate stop, welcome to the

Ancient Garden of Wisdom

Whatever pre- or post- printing services you need, we’ve got these covered. From graphic designers and copywriters, through to binding, storage and dispatch, the Ancient Garden of Wisdom will keep things simple and straightforward.

Last but not least, it’s the

Secret Pillars of the 21stCP Dynasty

The 21st CP Dynasty are people’s people. We get to know you and take the time to find out how you’re doing. Integrity and care are our middle names. We’re working for you and always put your needs first.

Okay, now that you’re acquainted, you might like to know about our Seven Wonders of Print special offer.

The Seven Wonders of Print Special Offer

To explore the Seven Wonders of Print in the context of your own business, 21st Century Print is offering a free 1-hour consultation audit. Company director and print expert, Tony, will assist you in reviewing all of your current and planned print and communication materials. He’ll give you all the advice you need in terms of maximising your return on investment from print. It’s even face-to-face, you’re invited to attend the 21st Century Print offices or meet at a mutually convenient location within 60-mins drive of Redditch and South Birmingham.

Book your FREE consultation today!

Let us simplify the world of print

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The world of print can be technical and baffling. There are so many options to choose from, so many printers to choose from, and technology is always evolving. For the majority of people getting printed is a practical formality. It’s something that simply needs to be done, a task to tick off, not a topic that most of us are especially enthralled by.

It might therefore come as a relief to think of 21st Century Print as your go-to printing geeks. Both directors have been in the industry since their teenage years and - although I am too polite to say how old they are now - I can safely say that they have a combined experience of more than 70 years. Basically, it wouldn’t be arrogant to think we know a thing or two about the print industry. That’s why we’ve created our business in a way that means we’re able to offer a complete solution for any job.

Recently we were reviewing all of our skills and capabilities, so all the things we can offer you. The list was substantial. It made us think it worthwhile to spend a moment or two writing up an overview of our products and services, alongside the benefits of each. When you’re next contemplating print, you will know the options and rationale for the solution we’d pose.

The great thing with 21st Century Print is that we’re a genuine one-stop shop, combining a mix of in-house, brokerage and consultancy, alongside many additional services. We’re agile and creative so that we can find you the most appropriate and effective solution for any project. That’s right, no more legwork shopping around or overwhelm at the myriad of companies and solutions out there.

Our in-house digital printing service is great for time-critical projects and short print runs where you need tight control over deadlines. Many printers have either specialised for one particular type of printing or become brokers. Keeping our own industrial print equipment on-site and working as print brokers too provides the best of both worlds.

To list all of the benefits of choosing a print broker would need its very own blog, and we’ll endeavour to give you that soon. In the meantime, as an overview, we basically leverage our industry experience and contacts to get you the best price for the highest presentation of your print job. Working for you, we can identify and solve problems before they arise, ensure that there’s no confusion between shipping and delivery dates, and utilise our own long-term relationships to your all-round benefit.

There’s also a print management service that, when said quickly, could be easily confused with brokerage. Print management is quite different though. It is all about your overall print strategy, deciding exactly what needs to be printed and why. Looking at all your business’ printed material, reader needs and information flow, we audit your printed materials and ensure that you’re not wasting trees or money just for the sake of it. Print management utilises our skills as communication specialists to identify the most appropriate format and medium, including digital. On the whole businesses save 20% off their print bill by going through a print management process.

Now, we don’t want to overwhelm you but there are many more services that 21st Century Print offers. This article promised to simplify your print solutions so, if you feel like you’re not following at any point, just remember the short answer: we’re a one-stop-shop. If it relates to print, we can help.

First to mention are the practicalities after printing, such as warehousing, assembly and postage, and maybe you won’t be surprised to hear that we can take care of all of those very easily. Not to mention the steps before going to print; such as graphic design, copywriting and digital-print integration. Over the years we’ve built relationships with a host of reputable, efficient and varied marketing professionals, so we love being the go-between linking just the right creative to the job in hand.

If you need to print regularly but with slight changes to the content, our web to print service offers online templates that can be amended and printed with minimal clicks. Or, if you’re about to launch a new brand or product, or are getting ready to tour trade shows, exhibitions and expos, peruse our packages and starter packs. They make it possible to get a complete set of branded marketing material with maximum efficiency and minimal outlay. We’re specialists in glossy catalogues and stunning B2B newsletters. For free advice about necessary considerations for creating a first class catalogue, download our eBook ‘Designing Print Ready Catalogues: What you need to know’.

Finally, are you a budding author? Well, there’s something for you too. Our sister company, 21st Century Publications, has a whole host of products and publishing services. And My Order of Service gives a tidy solution for anyone in the business of producing, well, orders of service.

Try reeling that off quickly! Yes, we’re busy bees. If it involves printing, you can be sure we’re interested in it. So save yourself a lot of running around and begin your next print job with 21st Century Print. It is highly unlikely you’ll ever need to source another printer again.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you move forward.

How we developed the ultimate launch branding solution

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the ultimate launch branding solution

When it comes to a launch, whether it is a new business, a rebrand or an addition to your range, there is an extraordinary, tingly kind of excitement. You’ve had the insight, made a plan, crunched the numbers and secured investment, and now you have both the conviction and the means to make it happen. This moment might have been years in the making. You’re completely ready to jump in. The time is now!

For most entrepreneurs and business people, there is a kind of frustrated impatience that accompanies a launch. Once everything is good to go, well, that’s it, you want to get going. It often takes too much time to get launch materials in place. That is time when you would prefer to be out in the world, trading and starting to recoup the outlay.

This is where 21st Century Print’s menu of Brand Packages comes into play. You can have a full portfolio of stationery and marketing materials ready in next to no time at all. Place your order on Monday, sign off the artwork on Thursday and be gliding into an exhibition branded and looking professional the very next Friday. That’s right, with no hold-ups, it is less than two weeks for the entire process.

With options including logo design, business cards, a roller banner, promotional leaflets, postcards, pens, letterheads and compliment slips, you could have everything you need to introduce your brand, attend exhibitions and present a professional identity to the world straightaway.

Rolling everything into a package makes for an unbelievably cost-effective and efficient solution. Instead of liaising with creatives and printers over each item independently, negotiating endless quotes and revisions, there is one straightforward point of contact. And one defined, clear, upfront cost that will get the whole job done.

It ensures complete consistency with a uniformed and cohesive brand identity, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that belong together. Consistency is such a key ingredient in achieving professional presentation too. It helps to build relationships and trust, showing that you know what you are doing, care and will do a great job. It’s that all-important first impression.

Printed materials are so much more personal and tactile, more real if you like. Many of you will be able to relate to the buzz of seeing your logo in print for the very first time, or your idea spelled out across a flyer. Somehow, it’s often the moment when it all becomes real, the “Wow, we are really doing it!” moment.

There are four options; Basics, Basics Plus, Launch Pad and Expo. The first two are primarily geared for start-ups and the second ones are better suited to rebrands or product launches within existing businesses, trade shows and exhibitions.

However, we are realists. We’ve taken into to account the uniqueness of each and every business and certainly aren’t expecting everyone to conform to a package. So, if you’d like a little something added in or taken out, ask away. The focus is on giving you exactly the right toolkit that you need to achieve your aims. You have the flexibility to swap and exchange elements, and the price will be amended accordingly and agreed with you in advance.

Finally, don’t worry, if you are already established, launched and trading, there is plenty on offer at 21st Century Print for you too. We have recently published a Catalogue Design and Print Guide packed full of pragmatic advice to read before embarking on a catalogue production project. It covers topics such as image quality, the technicalities of print colour, size, paper quality and layout. Maybe this sounds a little dry, but each needs careful consideration before beginning to collate content. The guide is available for free on our website, just click on the banner here.

Why Auction Houses Should Use A Print Management Company

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Auction houses have much to gain by using a print management company to handle their printing requirements. Rather than deal with the cost and challenge of managing an in-house print team, most auction houses opt to outsource those roles to experts who can meet its various printing needs.

What Makes An Effective Product Catalogue?

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Catalogue marketing is an essential sales initiative. Catalogues are used to showcase a company’s services and products as well as make direct sales. Catalogues provide accurate information to customers when they are not online and often have a longer effective life than non-printed materials (e.g. PDF catalogues or web pages).

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